Enigma Automation has a diverse in-house skillset, ensuring we have the knowledge and capabilities to make your project a success.

Machine Design

Enigma Automation prides itself on delivering innovative design solutions, pulling from a wealth of inhouse knowledge and expertise gathered over decades of working within the industrial automation industry.

In House Manufacture

Enigma Automation have decades of experience manufacturing a wide range of products, from CNC machined components through to large scale fabrications.
Our skilled team are experienced in working with a wide range of materials and to exacting specifications.

Build to Print

At Enigma we recognise the need for a reliable, quick and cost-effective automation partner to fulfil the ever-changing requirements of the build to print world. In partnering with enigma automation, we take care of the whole process and guide our clients right the way though from the preliminary costing and assessment phase, through to the end product being installed or delivered, allowing our clients to focus on core business operations with piece of mind.

Control System Design

Enigma Automation provides a design and build service for control panels and electrical controls to suit a wide range of applications. Our skilled engineers take pride in delivering the best quality product and service. Enigma uses its control system design capabilities throughout its industrial automation projects, but are equally capable of tackling stand alone controls projects.

Robot Integration

Enigma Automation are specialists at robotic integration. We have a wealth of knowledge in robot programming and application on a wide range of platforms.
Enigma can deliver comprehensive robotic solutions, as well as providing upgrades or alterations to existing equipment.

Vision Systems

Whether it is product location, product verification or process vision, a multitude of operations may need to take place during the production process or before a product can enter the supply chain. Automating intensive processes such as vital product verification/Quality control by utalising industrial vision system technologies is key for a multitude of manufactures wanting to maximise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Machinery Care

Engima Automation has for a number of years conducted feasibility studies and consultancy for our clients. Our expertise is utilised to ascertain whether a project is automatable, and for cycle time analysis through 3D simulation.